Feedback – our focus

3 Ways to take notes for an evalution under time pressure

In your evaluation there are two areas that you must cover: content and delivery. Some people like to start with a blank sheet and take notes as the speech progresses. Others prepare categories and then jot down triggers in the appropriate area. I think it is a bit difficult to start with a total blank …

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How to listen, speak and think when you are the evaluator

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to pay attention. Sometimes we are anxious, bored or distracted. Here are some practical tools to help you really listen, speak and think when you evaluate: LISTEN Look at the speaker – Not window, the evaluation sheet or other people in the audience. The speaker will feel encouraged …

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The Sandwich technique undermines your ability to be straight forward

Delivering the feedback Many Toastmasters are taught to use the Sandwich Technique when delivering feedback but I think it is manipulative and undermines your ability to be straightforward. The model suggests that you couch negative feedback between two pieces of positive feedback. It may be easier for you, but not for the recipient. It could …

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