Area Conference in Buxtehude

area winnerMarch 2016: The Area Conference was in Buxtehude this time. It was a lovely day and many Hamburger Toasties went together by train, already warming up with a Table Topic session. There we found a well organised meeting in a nice sunny venue, Thank you Igels !

The competition was interesting, funny and successful ! :                                                                                Mutisungilire won the International Speeches competition, he is going to represent all Area 1 at the upcoming Division Conference in April. Gwen did equally well becoming 2nd in the Evaluation contest !                                 Ulla, our area director, managed the English competitions very well as chief judge

We were 9 Powerspeakers all eager to cheer and help and have a good time. It was wonderful seeing all fellow Toasties again.  We highly recommend going to conferences.