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“… we had a blast ” First joint meeting of 3 Englishspeaking Clubs in Hamburg

“We should do it more often – we had a blast” were the final words of one General Evaluator finishing the first Tri-Club Meeting of all Englishspeaking Clubs in Hamburg. The Power Speakers invited the First Hanseatics and Hamburg Internatinal Speakers in our enlarged room to have a meeting together with all the clubs participating …

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Canoeing the canals

August 2016:The 5th Wednesday always is special:this time we had a joyous social canoeing along Hamburg´s canals into the beautiful dramatic dusk, continueing with some drinks, snacks and chats afterwards. Thanks Sven for organising it so well. Members, guest and mosquitoes liked it very much ;-).


The toastmaster year is ending now, we achieved for the 3rd time in our about 6 year history to become  a President’s Distinguished Club !. We had our traditional Christmasmarket Meeting and Barbeque and also picked up some things new ! We had fun, learned  and grew and hope that the following board will too …

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BBQ 22nd of June

Summer has finally arrived and we would like to celebrate this wonderful time with all of you . We are going to have a great evening with a barbecue on the 22nd of June  in the garden of Café Sternchance  at 7.30 p.m. as usual. You will experience exciting speeches and have the chance to …

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Outdoor Meeting in the Park

May 2016: We had had a walk/talk in St Pauli, now we had a regular outdoor meeting lounging in the quiet pharmacist garden of Planten un ´Blomen, competing with the chirping birds. The next challenge will be ….     In Hamburg the biggest challenge  is having good weather ! 😉


April 2016: We had our first walk/talk- meeting. Domenic came up with the idea and chose a quarter, St Pauli/ Elbe and some Toasties each picked a site and relevant subject which we (re)discovered by their speeches on tour. The six speeches showed a wide range of approaching it: technically, historically, biographically or philosophically.  Gwen …

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Area Conference in Buxtehude

March 2016: The Area Conference was in Buxtehude this time. It was a lovely day and many Hamburger Toasties went together by train, already warming up with a Table Topic session. There we found a well organised meeting in a nice sunny venue, Thank you Igels ! The competition was interesting, funny and successful ! :                                                                                Mutisungilire won the …

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You may be new to Hamburg. You may have attended some public speaking and/or leadership courses or plan to do so, eg: or However you need practise, practise, practise ! and it is in English !: So Expats who do not know enough German and Repats who …

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District 95 Conference in Prague

November 2015:: District conference in Prague again, only the third of the newly formed district 95. Time to see the best table topics – and humorous speakers, to do some workshops and meet (again) many nice fellow toastmasters: interesting, inspiring illuminating. Several of our members went and enjoyed it. The next District 95 Conference will …

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September 2015:Autumn competition season : Table Topics was won by Bernd and Humerous Speeches by Domenic, both were also successful at the Area conference, at Google Hamburg, so that they represented the whole English speaking area 1 at the Division conference in Paderborn. CONGRATULATIONS !