BBQ 22nd of June


Summer has finally arrived and we would like to celebrate this wonderful time with all of you .

We are going to have a great evening with

a barbecue

on the 22nd of June

 in the garden of Café Sternchance

 at 7.30 p.m. as usual.

You will experience exciting speeches and have the chance to participate and  discover new rhetorical skills.

So, please feel warmly welcomed to our exceptional party and bring your partners, kids and dogs with you, if you like. Everybody is cordially welcomed to spend a nice evening together.

It is potluck so please bring something to eat, like a salad, vegetable or meat, anything you like to put on the grill.

As it is supposed to be a chance  to see each other again, I hope, that especially members, who haven´t been to our Powerspeakers meeting for a while, find time to come over for a cold drink and  interesting conversations around the BBQ fire.