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Communication Defined Communication is the successful transfer of information, ideas or feelings from one point to the other without distorting the message. I recently read about a Call Centre Operator who received a call; Caller: I will like to disconnect my line, because my spouse has passed. I don’t need it anymore. Operator: I’ll be happy to do …

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Get ready for the Area Contest 21st October 2017

For those who had fun in the Tri-club meeting and the club contest, get ready for the fun to be continued with the Table-topics and Humorous Speeches Contest in German and English this Saturday 21st to be held in Buxtehude. After winning in the club contest, our winners will be competing with the winners from …

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Chocolate Talk, Talk Chocolate

 Our special meeting has a theme: Chocolate! There were two speeches revolving chocolate with Project #7 – Research your topic and we learned some interesting things about chocolate. Then we had a Chocolate Taboo game where one cannot say the “C” word and the audience has to guess the right word on one’s handcard. The sweet-to-the-target …

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Meeting with a Hint of Chocolate

On the 31st of May, we will add a hint of chocolate to our meeting. Bring one of your favorite chocolates and improve your public speaking skills in the sweetest moments.   this meeting provides opportunities to present all different aspects of chocolate Suitable for all kind of projects in your speech manuals Your chance …

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Congratulations to our members!

April 13th, 2017 In the area contest took place in Hamburg YMCA last Saturday, Hamburg power speaker Sabine won the evaluation contest and Hamburg power speaker Kunle won the speech contest. Sabine is a Toastmaster veteran who has achieved Advance Communicator Gold award(ACG) and Advance Leadership Bronze award(ALB). Kunle started his Toastmaster journey in June, …

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Tri-club meeting for the second time!

March 22, 2017 Ever since we hosted a successful Tri-club meeting a few months ago, we have been eager to do another one. Tonight we did it again with the coordination of three clubs: First Hanseatics, Hamburg International Speakers, and Hamburg Power Speakers. 39 regular Toastmasters and curious guests joined us for an eventful night. …

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Enjoying the St Pauli Christmas Market

In Hamburg Power Speaker not only do we want each other to be better in public speaking, we also want to bond with our fellow Toastmasters. This is how our 5th of the Wednesday social events are born. For those of us who are lucky to be in Hamburg, we enjoyed ourselves with Glühwine and a full night …

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Canoeing the canals

August 2016:The 5th Wednesday always is special:this time we had a joyous social canoeing along Hamburg´s canals into the beautiful dramatic dusk, continueing with some drinks, snacks and chats afterwards. Thanks Sven for organising it so well. Members, guest and mosquitoes liked it very much ;-).

District 95 Conference in Prague

November 2015:: District conference in Prague again, only the third of the newly formed district 95. Time to see the best table topics – and humorous speakers, to do some workshops and meet (again) many nice fellow toastmasters: interesting, inspiring illuminating. Several of our members went and enjoyed it. The next District 95 Conference will …

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24th of June barbecue

Dear Powerspeakers, dear guests, summer finally arrived and we would like to celebrate this wonderful time with all of you . Therefore we are going to have a great evening with a barbecue on the 24th of June  in the garden of Café Sternchance  at 7.30 p.m. as usual. You will experience two exciting speeches …

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