Competing in Presentation

The International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest has just taken place. It was a crowd of 45 people who met up in Kiel this Saturday 16th April.

There were 5 contestants in the speech contest and 6 contestants in the Evaluation contest.

Roseline won the Speech Contest with the title “Where is home?” It was a speech which spoke of how you can create a feeling of home, even when you are far away from the people close to you.

I was nervous because I had held the speech at club level and had had a total blackout. However, through the friendly encouragement and relating the speech to my own experiences, I was motivated to take part and work on my speech. I did my best and it was enough to win!

Sabine placed second after John Holway from First Hanseatics in the Evaluation Contest. Sabine was the first to give an evaluation and had a chance to listen to all the evaluations.

The winning evaluation was warm and friendly and had a lot of suggestions on how to improve. I’m excited and it was fun to hear what the other evaluators picked up on.

Roseline and Sabine will both represent the Club at the Division Conference in Leipzig on the 30th April.