The Fantastic 4 of Communication: use them to Juice up your Career & Relationships

Communication in a nutshell:

is the successful transfer of information from one point to the other, without distorting the message.

Communication is transformation. When you communicate successfully with someone, you have set a process in motion that will eventually lead to a transformation.


Communication is however extremely broad. It covers different areas, occurs in different forms, at different levels. For our purposes, we will work on 4 levels of communication (The Fantastic 4 of Communication), which are essential for a successful personal and professional life today.

1.       Personal Communication – What you say to yourself and how you say it.

2.       Private Communication – Conversations and sharing of feelings with family and friends.

3.       Professional Communication – Successfully exchanging information and ideas at work.

4.       Public Communication – Sharing your ideas with groups of people, and the world at large.

Personal Communication

Personal Communication is the foundation for every form of communication you engage in, it coats everything you say, and filters everything you hear.


If you squeeze an orange, what comes out?  Orange Juice.
If you squeeze a lemon, what you get is lemon juice.

Communication is like the juice that flows out of an orange. The juice that flows inside you, is the juice that flows out of you.

Some people always have something bitter to say about almost everything and everyone, it´s not their fault. They don´t mean to be mean, they are what I call the “lemon people”. They are bitter inside, as within, so without.

If you are someone that communicates appropriately with yourself, using kind and encouraging words, especially when you blow things up, then you have orange juice flowing within you. This makes communication with others easier because more people prefer sweet juice.

Is your Communication Juice Sweet or Sour?

 How are you communicating with yourself?

Here is how you can find out.

1.       Look into a (portrait size) mirror, and write down 3 thoughts that come to you about yourself.
I don’t want to put words in your mouth ( or head), I would have provided examples.

2.       Think about something that worked out for you in the past, write down 3 things that made it work.

3.       The last time something bombed, write down 3 things that happened that made it go wrong.

Please do not read the hints until you have finished the exercise.

Hint: You should have 9 answers. Based on your roles (2&3), write a positive or negative sign at the end of each point as it pertains directly to you.
How many positive points did you score, and how many negative points did you get?
(Negative is something that beats you up, Positive is something that lifts you up).
Add up everything. The more positive, the more “orange juice” you have within, and vice versa.

Irrespective of what you discover, there is always room for improvement.  This is only the first step, next step next time.

See you soon,

Contributor: Kunle Orankan.

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