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3 Ways to take notes for an evalution under time pressure

In your evaluation there are two areas that you must cover: content and delivery.

Some people like to start with a blank sheet and take notes as the speech progresses.

Others prepare categories and then jot down triggers in the appropriate area.

I think it is a bit difficult to start with a total blank page as well as jotting things down in predefined boxes because it shuts down my creativity.

I listened to one woman doing a great evaluation, she won everything so I walked up to her afterwards and asked her how she did it. She told me “Oh I just write down things I like and things I don’t like and build from there…” It’s a simple strategy that obviously works well enough to win an evaluation contest. I developed my own way to take notes. I do it in a mindmap. In the middle I write the title or name of the speaker. Then I start at one o’clock and fill out what I hear in the speech. I might write introduction, Personal Story, and plus next to it. And then I try to map the speech by putting pluses and minuses as I go along, or right after the speech.

I think a good way to find out what balance works for you is to try the different approaches and assess your own evaluations.

(1) Blank sheet of paper

(2) Predefined boxes

(3) Mindmap

I learnt to improve my evaluations by observing others and including what I liked into my own repertoire. A good idea is to note down effective evaluation tips from others.