Finding Speech Topics

If you would have 1 day to prepare a speech, would you do it? Why or why not? If you are like most people you would probably say, No… I don’t have enough time or I don’t know what to talk about…We want to change that!

Putting together great content for your speech can be daunting. Half way through preparation you might start to ask yourself will this topic be interesting to the audience? Have I researched enough? Is this even funny? Signing up for a speech sometimes mean you stay up till 2-3am nights before the speech or steal office time at work to complete the speech…

We want to do it smarter.

To help our members give more enticing speeches we decided to invite the “king” of Toastmasters, a DTM, distinguished toastmaster to share with us how he did it. How he managed to come up with more than 50 speeches on varying topics and enjoying each and every single one of them.

Hans Peter Luetjen Dageförde is the Managing Director for Signum SprachenSchule in Buxtehude. He has over 20 years of public speaking experience from Toastmasters and he has helped quite a few Toastmasters find new speech topics.

What I hope this Educational will do for us is to give us a rationale and a system to find good speech topics confidently and persuasively and hence shorten the preparation time and encourage more members to give brilliant speeches.

Come and learn for yourself, 12th May, Weidenallee 37 Room 4. 19.00 sharp!