Great Speech Topics 2012 1st Part

To find an exciting topic for a speech can be  a challenge from time to time..

First of all it is crucial important that you feel enthusiastic yourself about the topic.

This helps you a lot create a nice concept for your speech, the Mind Map concept might help by that task. Also it is a key factor to consider if the topic is suitable for the audience – your target group.


In 2012 we had many great meeting with exciting speeches and I would like to give you a review. Maybe this could be a source for you as well to find new topics for your upcoming speech projects.


In the early beginning of 2012 we had speech about “Mixed Leadership” which is still an ongoing topic in politics. The speaker discussed whether a women’s quota in board of management would be a suitable way in order to get more women in such position in multinational organization.  The pro´s and con´s were addressed. Currently women are far underrepresented in board position and they do not have equivalent opportunities.


Another excellent topic in beginning of 2012 was “Mongolia – a country of extremes“,

our speaker spent a few business trips in Mongolia and shared the experience with us,

It was really impressive and excited to hear the story about the country which was unknown for most of our audience..


A cool but special topic which I remember from the 1st quarter of 2012 was called “Inner-City Cycling Rules“. The speaker discussed the existing restrictions for bikers in Hamburg and the fear of an even stricter law. Nevertheless this was the opinion of the speaker; Hamburg Powers Speakers of course encourages safety issues in public. However the speaker presented his ideas in a really entertaining way which was appreciated by the audience with big applause.


Continuations will follow.

See you at our next meeting!