How to find a new Speech Topic?

  1. How to find a new Speech Topic?


Sometimes you might struggle to a Speech Topic.

This can be a challenge for new members but also for old members who delivered already several speeches. I would suggest creating a list of ideas and also different categories.


For instance:


1. Category: Personal interest

Talk about your personal interests and hobbies

Like books you read and loved, hobbies like sailing on the sea or playing Rugby or recent holiday trips (to exciting places).


 2. Category: Society

Talk about trends in our society and what is going on around us.

For instance the social media trend, “health, fitness and wellness movement” or just about carnival (or why you hate it or like it).


3. Category: Your Profession

If you have an exciting job why don’t you share your experience of your biggest challenge or a tough project? Also at business travels you can have a lot of fun.



Here a few links with additional ideas and suggestions: