This was the ice breaker workshop

Wow, that was it, the first workshop of the workshop series at hamburg power speakers.
The icebreaker workshop gathered entousiats from new members to curious guests, all with one ambition: How to master self-introduction, how to introduce yourself in such a way that your listener will never forget you. We all know how important the first impact is , and it is clear to everyone why you have to master it. How to impress your interviewer with a unique way of introducing yourself, in a way that makes him not think twice about recruiting you, How to introduce yourself when you socialize in the mingle session at a business meeting, to make people see the potential that you have, how to win the self-introduction at a one to one dicussion. We all know that charismatic person in the room who catches everyone from the first word he/she pronounces, and we all want to be that person. That was what was handeled last week in the icebreaker workshop. Kunle, the cub President, who as well runs a private business, gave the audience some tips based on a personal experience, and that was only an inspiration for all those present in the room who didn’t miss the chance to come up to the stage and talk about themselves, about their passions and lifestories. One thing was noticed, every single speech was individual, every one had his unique caracter and thought of a unique way to deliver his ideas, from a humouristic style to¬† philosophical ideas.
“every one here has a passion to what they’re talking about, and they don’t hide their emotions, that’s what makes their speeches so special. This reminds me to get rid of the same monotonous way i’m used to give presentations at work” confessed one of the guests.
The idea behind this workshop series derives from the fact that hamburg powerspeakers welcomed 8 new members lately, and it was a suggestion from the board to guide basically new members working on their communication and leadership projects along with the toastmaster manuals. And since there are many experienced members who were enthusiastic about the idea and wanted to share their experience and knowledge through educationals, it worked out quite geniunly. So make sure to be present in the next workshops if you have missed this one!
The next will be the evaluation workshop presented by Sabine, the founder of Hamburg Power Speakers, planned to take place on the 17th of January 2018.
in the same venue. Details will be published soon. Stay tuned and be a Power Speaker !