Meeting with a Hint of Chocolate

On the 31st of May, we will add a hint of chocolate to our meeting. Bring one of your favorite chocolates and improve your public speaking skills in the sweetest moments.


this meeting provides opportunities to present all different aspects of chocolate

  • Suitable for all kind of projects in your speech manuals
  • Your chance to give a one of a kind presentation
  • Go off the beaten path and present Table Topics in a new way
  • Show off your “maître chocolatier”-side
  • Bring your chocolate fountain
  • Have fun
  • AND munch and crunch, delight and devour, savor and share chocolaty choices…


Be creative in your role. Here are a few tips from our VP Membership:

  • Job opportunities in the chocolate sector
  • History of chocolate
  • Chocolate in your country
  • Chocolate Packaging and Labelling
  • Chocolate Manufacturing and Processing
  • Challenges for the Chocolate Industry
  • New Product Development
  • The chocolate of your dreams
  • Chocolate and rain forest
  • Artisan chocolate-major manufacturers
  • Sugar content
  • Health benefits


Please sign up your role via Easyspeak soon or e-mail directly.