President’s Distinguished District


July 2015 : Officially D95 has been recognized as President’s Distinguished District. Congratulations to all as in the spirit of “One mission, One team” to reach this recognition.

On top of this, the figures are now final, as a cherry on the first year birthday cake; District 95 came in as the 4th best District in the World with 146 out of 173 clubs reaching distinguished status (84.39%), thanks to all your hard work and commitment. No.1 D85 (87.85%), no.2 D85 (85.62%), no.3 D91 (85.47%)But wait there is more District 95 no.1  of all districts in the world building new clubs. What a team on a Mission !


So what does this mean:

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) was established by Toastmasters International as a general measure of club success. Each year the Distinguished Club Program recognizes club achievements in education, membership growth, club leadership and club communication. This measure is not the whole of what makes a club successful, but it does reflect the activities that are required for success.

To help members achieve their personal goals, clubs are encouraged to define a mission statement and create a Club Success Plan, which for many clubs will be based on the targets outlined in the Distinguished Club Program. The Distinguished Club Program, therefore, has the dual benefit of helping both the club and its members.

So as Hamburgers we are not keen on titles, however elaborate they may be, we are keen to help, achieve our goals and help everybody else at whatever level and interest to achieve his !

As always we share, support and bring out the best in each other.