Get ready for the Area Contest 21st October 2017

For those who had fun in the Tri-club meeting and the club contest, get ready for the fun to be continued with the Table-topics and Humorous Speeches Contest in German and English this Saturday 21st to be held in Buxtehude.

After winning in the club contest, our winners will be competing with the winners from the three other clubs in Hamburg, which is going to be an opportunity to meet members from different clubs and of course to support the Power Speakers.

The contest will start at 11:00 am but all participants should be there at 10:00 am. The venue is going to be in Marschtozwinger (Altstadt), Westfleth, 21614 Buxtehude.

In the club contest, Yuen won the Humorous Speech Contest by teaching the audience how to celebrate their failures. George , who spontaneously took part in the contest, won the first place in Table Topics with his creatively funny impromptu speech that made the audience almost jump off their chairs with laughter as he talked about the place he wanted to live. A small hint: It’s surreal world where you encounter Donald the Duck and fight with heroes from Star wars.

We can’t wait to see how the Power Speakers will perform in the contest. But we are sure about one thing: it will be a lot of fun!