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easy-Speak! How to use it?



The Toastmaster easy-Speak software allows Toastmaster clubs to automate their meeting planning and to track and support members’ development. It provides full data management system, automating the agenda and freeing the VPE’s time to do what is important – support and encourage the members.


Therefore it is important that all our members know how to log on the Toastmaster easy-Speak portal of our club. Because then you are able to sign up for meetings and for roles.

Without such information it is quite a challenge to plan a successful meeting.

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A further benefit of working with easy speech is to keep track of your participations and achievements (speech and leadership projects like evaluations you gave).


Additional you can find information and pictures from our members on easy speech which makes it easier to get to know them. Or you can add as well more detailed contact information and a picture of yourself.


If you like to view the meeting agenda (or even past meeting agendas) you will find that information as well on our easy-Speak club site.


Please see the following links:


  • Log on page:



  • How can I say that I will [will not] attend a meeting and accept [reject] a role?



  • Knowledge Base for Toastmaster easy-Speak

  • Video Training clips: General use of the website


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