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Public speaking links

Google´s Video channel has a very large selection of Toastmaster Videos,                                                                just search with toastmaster – region – subject – name…

2015 worldchampion, Mohammed Al Qahtani:worldchampion speech 2015
and in a different (american) style for comparison the third place, Manoj Vasudevan :Manoj Vasudevan 3rd

2016 the worldchampion is Darren Tay:worldchampion speech 2016


In our district (D95+59) we have some with their own channel giving tips eg Connor Neill, Florian Mück and            our very own (well she is from Berlin but kickstarted here at the Hamburg District Conference) Olivia Schofield

Also in our district John Zimmer writes a very helpful blog:manner of speaking
another Canadian toastie, Andrew Dlugan, has a very toastmasterly orientated and structured blog: Six Minutes

Matt Abrahams gives you tips when afraid of public speaking:Communication Techniques
he also has his own blog.

Nancy Duarte tells you about the importance of storytelling:engage through stroytelling

and then of course there is TED: TED
with terribly enigmatic delivery you are not only taught how to present statistics (Hans Rosling) or how to take life and work ( Shawn Achor), how to design, perform, … you can take your pick of interest and learn by example,      (and read a rhetorical analysis on John Zimmer´s blog), and you actually have playlists on different subjects eg.

before public speaking

 how to tell a story and many more


Just listening there is an eclectic collection of podcasts: time to shine


“When somebody is speaking with an accent it only means he knows other languages too”

these are just some few examples and not pretending to be exhaustive at all and only in English, there are many more in other languages too !

Enjoy and practise, practise, parctise !


If you are keen to progress quickly through the Toastmasters training programme, we recommend that you work with a Mentor. A Mentor is a ‘trusted advisor’, someone you can rely on to help you over the initial hurdles as you progress towards expertise in public speaking. At Toastmasters, as in most other arenas, a Mentor is someone …

Nervous ?

It is common for both experienced and beginning speakers to be nervous about giving a speech. The difference is that the experienced speaker knows how to control this nervousness and use it to enhance the speech. By understanding the causes and symptoms of the fear, a speaker can harness that seemingly negative energy and channel it toward …

Use your Voice

Vocal Variety No one wants to listen to a presentation delivered in a monotone. Tone, pitch and volume all convey meaning … and they help keep the audience engaged. That’s the power of vocal variety. But, like all powers, vocal variety is a tool that can be used to both make your presentation more powerful …