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If you are keen to progress quickly through the Toastmasters training programme, we recommend that you work with a Mentor.

A Mentor is a ‘trusted advisor’, someone you can rely on to help you over the initial hurdles as you progress towards expertise in public speaking.

At Toastmasters, as in most other arenas, a Mentor is someone who knows from personal experience, what you need to accelerate your progress and will be there to guide you each step of the way until you feel confident to ‘go it alone’.

Even experienced speakers benefit from Mentoring; there is always something more to learn, something to perfect.

At Hamburg Power Speakers we have several experienced speakers who will be willing to become your Mentor and it is as much a learning experience for them as it will be for you.

Please do ask the VP Membership, or the VP Education for further information about Mentoring.


Benefits of mentoring for new members:
  • Learn the programme and club customs (CC and CL manuals, club meeting roles, membership opportunities)
  • Develop confidence and improve participation in club activities
  • Quickly learn speaking skills to advance faster
Benefits of mentoring for experienced members:
  • Refine and revitalize existing skills
  • Learn new skills
Benefits for mentors:
  • Learn new information and perspectives from those you mentor
  • Keep your knowledge and skills sharp
  • Receiving recognition and appreciation by fellow members
Benefits for clubs:
  • Improved member retention
  • More satisfied members