Tri-club meeting for the second time!

March 22, 2017

Ever since we hosted a successful Tri-club meeting a few months ago, we have been eager to do another one. Tonight we did it again with the coordination of three clubs: First Hanseatics, Hamburg International Speakers, and Hamburg Power Speakers. 39 regular Toastmasters and curious guests joined us for an eventful night.

The meeting quickly warms up with people introducing themselves and coming up with one good thing about the person sitting next to them. The duo Toastmaster of the evening doubles the excitement. Follows by three well-delivered speeches and climaxes on Hamburg Power Speaker’s signature 10-second speech. After a short break of mingling, the evening continues with the speakers received valuable feedback from their evaluators. The Table Topic peaks with personal memories of spring time in Hamburg. Another successful meeting concludes with people’s laughter and promises to get together again!