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Roles in a meeting

An overview

It might a bit comparable to the division of powers. There a people who are doing something (executive branch) and people who are controlling and giving feedback on those actions (judiciary) – and of course Toastmaster International and the unwritten concept of the club providing the rules to be followed (legislative power).

In each meeting there are roles who are the entertainers. Those are

– the Toastmaster of the Evening – prepares the agenda and is the moderator of the evening

– the Speakers – prepare a speech with the objectives from the basic or one of the advanced manuals

– the Table Topic Master – prepares the theme for “impromptu speeches” to encourage thinking on your feet

– the 10-second Speech Master – prepares a set of questions that can be answered in 10 seconds

+ the contestants of Table Topics and 10-Secons Speeches.

Their jobs are reviewed by the evaluation team who give feedback on every action – even on their own team members. Their feedback is based on the ideas of Toastmasters International, on their own experience and personal perception. And of course, entertainment should be involved here as well. To this team belong

– the General Evaluator – manages the evaluation team and evaluates the whole meeting

– the Speeach Evaluators – give written and verbal feedback to each speaker

– the Evaluators on body language, eye contact and use of voice – give verbal feedback on those criterias

– the Ah-Counter – listens for buzz words and gives a report at the end of the meeting

– the Language Coach – listens for good and bad use of language and gives a report at the end of the meeting

– the Timer – times all program segments and gives a report at the end of the meeeting


The Evaluator

When you are the Evaluator… Sabine Pick, Advanced Communicator Bronze -More than 25 Speeches Can you imagine having prepared your speech, rehearsed it and after giving it, you get a warm hearted applause? Did everything work out as you thought? Did the audience get your message? You have this feeling that you could have done …

The Speaker

When you are the Speaker… Sibylle Braasch, Competent Communicator -More than 10 Speeches I have done 11 speeches and each and one of them has been a thrilling and elevating experience! Public Speaking gives me a great feeling because I’ve learnt how to fascinate an audience and how to keep their attention and interest! Before …

The Table Topics Master

When you are the Table Topics Master… … you have to make other Powerspeakers talk, talk spontaneously for 1 – 2 minutes about the topic you gave them. This can be totally made up or totally serious. Make them sell an urban tree house or give a choleric speech on the hard life of royals. …

The Timer

When you are the timer … It might look as a minor role on first sight, but being in time is very important for a Toastmaster evening. – Being in time with your speech. There is a given time limit for each speech objektive and is part of the objektiv is to fulfill it within …

The Toastmaster

When you are the Toastmaster… Roseline Olomina, Advanced Communicator Bronze -More than 20 Speeches I’ve been the toastmaster many times for different clubs. I think the most important thing to do as a toastmaster is to make sure the agenda is filled and that everyone knows what his or her responsibilities for the evening are. …

The 10 Seconds Speech Master

When you are the 10 Seconds Speech Master … …  you have to make every Powerspeaker talk. Prepare questions to a certain topic and ask the audience in a row for example to answer in just 10 seconds. If you even like to open a debate on a special subject, divide the audience in two …