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The Speaker

When you are the Speaker…

Sibylle Braasch, Competent Communicator -More than 10 Speeches

I have done 11 speeches and each and one of them has been a thrilling and elevating experience! Public Speaking gives me a great feeling because I’ve learnt how to fascinate an audience and how to keep their attention and interest!

Before I decide on the topic for my speech, I have already thought about the objectives of my speech project – I read the tasks and expectations carefully, keeping them in my mind until I start – For me, it is almost an unconscious process to look for a suitable speech topic.

The speech topic really is the major choice: what I choose needs to be close to my heart so that I can achieve what every speech project should do: catch the attention of the audience, inspire and entertain them!

Usually – the topics just pop up in my head because I have already had a thorough thought about the objectives of my next speech project.

After selecting the topic the next step is – purpose – what do I really want to say? What will be my message? I try to focus on this and be as precise as possible.

Then I look for some catching ideas, metaphors – even visual aids on which I can group my ideas.

Next, is to organize my speech – and usually – this is the point when I really sit down at my desk for 2 or 3 hours, just letting my ideas flow and writing the speech from the beginning to the end.

Then I work on it – so that it runs smoothly and is easy to follow, trying to find easy wording and work on the structure.

At last it is hours of practising – in front of my dark living room window – where I can just see myself – not too clearly – but which gives me a better feeling than in front of a mirror.

I practise until I am sure that I hit the time restraints of the speech project and until I can speak freely without notes and with as much confidence as possible…

Preparing and delivering speeches has truly been a wonderful experience!