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Interview with boardmembers

Thomas Graue, Immediate Past President:

Please introduce yourself:

Some years ago in Münster I was looking for people to meet and have a good time. Then I was made aware of Toastmasters which proved to be one of my best choices ever. A real nice bunch of open minded people and a good opportunity to develop myself.

Why have you joined HPS ?

After having moved to Hamburg I looked again for a good club and and visited a few clubs and chose Powerspeakers due to their unique culture of feedback.

You have been a member for 4 years in retrospective how do you see it ?

For sure I developed a better self confidence when giving any kind of presentation or even a speech. And what I really like is on a travel to visit other clubs, you can just join a meeting and get to know local people.

What are your goals at TM/ HPS ?

You get what you give, so I want to keep and develop this sound club. In my opinion this club shall provide a great atmosphere to have fun and learn at the same time, by giving and getting feedback.

Why should anyone/ everybody  !(;)) join TM, HPS especially ?

When you want to have fun and learn, then just join!


PedramPedram Moghaddam, Past Vicepresident Education:

Why have you joined HPS ?

I wanted to exercise speaking and needed an audience. I searched and got the site of toastmasters. At that time, Hanseredner. Their slogan was  Cicero’s quote: “you learn speaking by speaking.”  As I was there I joined the table topics:  Get the subject, think max 30sec. and speak for 1-2 min.  I even managed to use the word of the they. I loved that game. Specially because whatever I did, people didn’t ran away, they even clap for whoever it is and whatever he does. After the break I experienced the feedback in sandwich method and so there was no chance for them to not let me join the club. But I needed more speech slots.  As I was once at Power Speakers. They were so extremely “ungerman”, friendly and playfully, with even more extra small feedbacks and a fresh young audience + I could train public speak AND English at the same time…  Now I am in the board of several clubs and love to give even more speeches. I know most people deliver ca. 5-10 speeches a year. But as you know I needed to deliver 4-8 speeches a month to finally calm a bit down.

You have been a member for 4 years in retrospective how do you see it ?

I never counted the years. I count speeches. And now I count speeches per month, because the experience helps me grow not the years or the pure information. 😉

What has Toastmasters done for you personally and/or professionally ?

It satisfied my need to speak first.  And beyond that I got the guts to work more with groups. Since the manuals demand to have a good balance and do also some leadership projects too. Now I have my own groups that meet every Friday on the “meetup” platform and there are over 150 members to date. I coached TEDx speaker and got in the speaker curatorship team of another TEDx. I have two paid engagements in a theater… My job grew naturally and the clients and my income got more than doubled.

What are your goals at TM/ HPS ?

This year I am the president of one toastmaster club, the vice president of HPS and the assistant division director for growth for all clubs between Cologne and Flensburg and in the first 6 months I managed to achieve more than 3 awards what makes you being called a Triple Crown. Next year I plan to complete the highest award the Distinguished Toastmaster. You get in to the newspapers etc. It might not mean a lot to others but I see it as a game like a football team. The points do not mean much but it is a goal that is challenging enough to have fun and you win already on the way to hit it.

Why should anyone/ everybody !(;)) join TM, HPS especially ?

I have worked for more than 20 years as a trainer, coach and therapist (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie= governmental license to heal just by psychotherapy), from my perspective a healthy life IS healthy communication.  Incorrect communication leads to death of the body (that is a group of cells or organs) or any other relationships, even relationship with self.   Correct communication between cells keeps your body healthy. Respectful Communication with self  is a primary source for self worth. Communication in a relationship makes it lively and interesting. And Communication with a group makes you a natural leader.
11356213_10204325043708096_768321934_nGwendoline Peray, President :

Please introduce yourself:

I’m Gwen, I’m French and among other hobbies, I’m very much interested in all self-development topics, Toastmasters being one of them…

Why have you joined HPS ?

I have joined HPS first because obviously I want to improve my public speaking skills, especially giving feedback and impromptu speeches. After two sessions as a guest, I was convinced by the fun atmosphere of the meetings, the various opportunities to speak (prepared speech, impromptu speech, feedback, games, etc.) and all the feedback we receive. Besides, I was also curious about this club as a development initiative to implement in my company.

You have been a member for about 4 months, in retrospective how do you see it ?

I’m very happy and enthusiastic to participate to the club meetings every other week. At the beginning it was challenging for an introvert person as I am and actually it’s quite surprising how refreshing each meeting is for me. It does not take much time but I have already learnt a lot in only 4 months!

What has Toastmasters done for you personally and/or professionally ?

Toastmasters is a learning-by-doing opportunity: we get manuals and tips to help us and then we apply them and train regularly in the meetings. Personally, I gain self-confidence mainly thanks to feedback I receive to progress and I learnt a lot from the others by observing the various speaking styles. It is very inspiring!

Professionally, I improved my public speaking skills and I’m more able to identify my fields of development in that area as well.

Generally speaking, with Toastmasters I’m out of my comfort zone… isn’t that how we learn the most?

What are your goals at TM/ HPS ?

  • Improve my public speaking skills especially when the speech is not prepared
  • Enhance my self confidence
  • Be more convincing when expressing my ideas

Why should anyone/ everybody ! (;)) join TM, HPS especially ?

It is a fun way to grow personally and professionally, or simply having a very good time with nice people 🙂

mutisungeMutisungilire Kachulu, past Sergeant at Arms, successflul contestant 

Please introduce yourself:

I am happy to be called Mutisungilire or at least Mutisunge.I am a Geo-science PhD student at Hamburg University.

Why have you joined HPS ?

It seems everyone, at work, at school always complained about my low and sometimes inaudible voice. It was time to look for some quick fix.

You have been a member for about 12 months, in retrospective how do you see it ?

My progress is more than expected. HPS is super, it has real nice atmosphere here.

What has Toastmasters done for you personally and/or professionally ?

Believe you me, I can now give a speech with the shortest possible notice. I mean confidently, no shaking.

What are your goals at TM/ HPS ?

To be a good motivational speaker. I guess soon.