Testimonials from our members

I joined Toastmasters to meet other young professionals from various cultures who would broaden my horizon and spark me. So far, each meeting has been inspiring in one or the other way. Even after a bad day at work I always leave our Power Speakers meetings with a smile on my face, having laughed a lot and an positive feeling which I carry over into the next day. Before I gave my ice-breaker speech I waited for months as I was not sure I could live up to the group’s or my own expectations. When I finally held it, I discovered that I actually enjoyed giving the speech a lot. The feedback I encountered was so appreciative and encouraging that I could not understand anymore why I had procrastinated the moment for such a long time.



When I first heard about the idea behind Toastmasters I was convinced right away! The Power Speakers are offering a great opportunity to grow and improve in so many ways. Finally, what made me join is not only the opportunity to speak English and my wish to improve in public speaking – even more it is the inspiring people that are bringing this club to life! The positive atmosphere is for me the key to get involved and face new challenges. And the best thing is, that I can tailor everything to my own pace!




I love to speak English. Since I have spent some time in the US I want to keep up with my English skills. At Powerspeakers I can also learn and exercise how to perform a good presentation, which is very helpful for my job. Plus I can meet and mingle with interesting people having diffrent cultural and professionel background. Perfect!





“What I like best about Toastmasters is that it allows me to develop my own presentation style. I did not get pressed into a mold but am learning how to find my own voice and way. So that my presentation style is authentic. Powerspeakers focus on feedback makes the whole experience even better by providing concrete suggestions on how to improve. Meeting many people from different walks of life and nationalities is fascinating and fun.”





I was introduced to Toastmasters through a friend who knew I was scared of giving presentations in an English-speaking work environment. It’s easy to step out of your comfort zone in the safe environment created by the club members and improve your speaking skills successfully. To me, Toastmasters has also always been about great people who made me feel at home when I lived abroad and helped me re-adjust when I came back home.





“I was looking for an English speaking club where I could meet nice and open minded people. After my time abroad I really missed to communicate in English. Luckily I found Toastmasters through the Internet. Since I had been very nervous when giving presentations I am now happy to take the chance to development my presentation skills. But only that, Toastmasters offers the opportunity of learning from each other in a great atmosphere which makes it really special for me.”





The Hamburg Power Speakers offered me the perfect stage to keep up with and expand both, my English skills and my presentation skills. But besides this, the bunch of people it met there was welcoming and friendly. This positive atmosphere made it easy to stand up and participate actively in the club within a few meetings. Since I joined it became more and more fun to be challenged and challenge the other members with speeches, impromptu games and feedback. Of course it depends on what you make out of it and how much you get involved, but the Hamburg Power Speakers’ TMI club offers a brilliant platform to improve on many facets of communication.