The Board

As every Toastmaster International Club we have our interests represented my seven people. Each of them takes care of different important parts of the club life.

The 2022/2023 board members of Hamburg Power Speakers are:

Bernadette Pluempe: President. The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for general supervision and operation of the club.
Ranjit Brave: Vice President Education. The VP Education is responsible for planning successful club meetings which provide each member the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals.
Karolina BernadovaVice President Membership. The VP Membership plans, organizes, and implements an ongoing marketing effort to maintain or increase the Club membership level. This involves enticing guests to join and encouraging existing members to stay.
Sunita Mosa: Vice President Public Relations The VP PR develops, implements and administers a program that maintains a positive image of Toastmasters for all members, guests, and the general public.
Jörg Eckoldt: Secretary The Secretary is responsible for Club records and correspondence, and is the custodian of the Club Constitution and By-Laws and all other official Club documents.
Karin Rode: Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing money.
Jhih-An: Sergeant at Arms The S/A makes proper physical arrangements and sets out materials for all club meetings.
Neelamma doddannavar: Immediate Past President is a consultant to the current board