About Us

Hamburg Power Speakers is an English speaking club based in Hamburg. We founded the club in September 2009 and today we are an official club with 24 members.

We have decided to niche our club a little differently from other Toastmaster Clubs.

We allow more time for feedback.

Normally a speech that is 5-7mins long gets a verbal evaluation of 2-3mins. In our club we have extended this feedback time and added more evaluators to focus on different aspects of the speech. We call these concepts “All-in-one-evaluation” and “Joint-evaluation”

Since our club is fairly small and new, the atmosphere is like spending a good time with some close friends and there are plenty of possibilities to try out new roles and get new experiences.

Members and guests come from Sweden, Malawi, USA, France and many of our German members have worked in English speaking countries.

We have aircraft engineers, Japanese fashion stylists, artists, lawyers, ski-instructors, people who work with sales, marketing and finance among other occupations represented in our club.

Experience the power of feedback by joining our Club!

We meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

For membership information, please see our membership information page.