Would you like to speak English in Hamburg?

3 Reasons to join the next meeting


1. More effective use of what you already know about public speaking

We emphasize the great speaking skills you already have and support you in the areas that need more attention.

2. Inexpensive Alternative

A monthly membership costs less than the price of 2 lunches.

3. For Introverts and Extroverts

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert person, many who join us think Toastmasters is the most efficient, enjoyable and affordable way of gaining great communication skills.

And how does it work?

At Toastmasters we learn by doing.

By combining prepared speeches with instant verbal and written feedback we provide a friendly and supportive environment. Each speaking assignment is motivating and gives you confidence to move on.


10 Speeches

We provide a basic manual with 10 speech projects which teaches you basic presentation skills, such us voice variety, body language, how to organise your speech and to inspire others.

Leadership, more speeches and other roles

When you have completed ten speeches you have earned the competent communicator award. You can then choose from a new set of advanced manuals. There is also a leadership track that prepare you for roles in management.



Visit our club at our next meeting

You will love the friendly atmosphere! Toastmasters International currently has more than over 332,000 members in 135 countries means it is a powerful way for you to network, find new friends in other cities as well as speaking in front of an international crowd.

We look forward to welcoming you as a guest and member of Hamburg Power Speakers.

Where we meet: Café Sternchance, Schröderstiftstr. 7

Giving you, and others like you, the chance to experience the power of feedback is the reason we started the club! See you soon!

Hamburg Power Speakers – der englischsprachige Verein / Club

Wir  Hamburg Power Speakers sind ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit dem Ziel das Halten von „öffentlichen Reden“ in Englisch zu trainieren und bieten unseren Mitgliedern die Möglichkeit ihre kommunikativen Fähigkeiten weiterzuentwickeln aber auch Führungsqualitäten zu trainieren. Dazu gibt es diverse Möglichkeiten und Projekte die absolviert werden können. Wir treffen uns generell 2 Mal pro Monat zu …